3 Unique Ways To Use Canvas Storage Bins

You will have seen the canvas storage boxes that are widely available in stores, but other than the typical use for them, did you know there are lots of other things you can do with these very handy and quite affordable blank canvasses? Here are three unique ways to use those canvas storage bins:

Get well gift
When someone is not well, usually it means they are confined to one space – most often their bed.  Whether it is a child who has had his tonsils removed and is in recovery, or an elderly person who is in the hospital for an extended stay, they will appreciate receiving get well wishes.  Why not forego a typical card and create something entirely unique for your friend or loved one?  Here’s how:  using fabric paint, which you can buy at any craft store, decorate a canvas storage bin with your get well message and anything else that will make the person smile.  Next, fill it with an assortment of goodies that will help him or her pass the time when they are unwell.  Books, puzzles, their favorite sit-down craft or a deck of cards – anything goes.  Be prepared for lots of hugs!

If you are planning a bridal shower or a baby shower, you will need to have plenty of prizes for the number of games that will probably be played.  One creative way to handle game prizes is to have canvas storage bins with a flower pot put inside and a positive message attached.  Place these storage bins throughout the room where the games will be played, as if they are part of the party decor.  Wait till all games have been played before giving out prizes to the winners.  When it’s time, tell all the lucky winners what they won and they’ll happily go get their gifts.

Teacher’s Gift
When your child has a birthday that means celebrating at school, put all the goodies in a canvas storage bin to take or send it to school.  Have your child decorate the storage bin with his or her favorite designs, using fabric paint and write a special message to thank the teacher for all their encouragement throughout the year.   At the end of the day, when the goodies have been distributed, have your child gift the storage bin to his teacher.

All these creative uses of canvas storage bins will surely make someone smile! You could do a similar thing with plastic storage boxes but there is something more homely about canvas.

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