Exfoliation Treatment For Dry Tired Hands

Many of us work hard, using our hands as are main way of doing so.  Even if you have an office job and you type all day this can still result in tired and cramped hands at the end of the day.  Here is a lovely dose of rejuvenation for your hands and body if you are looking for a little pick me up.

Sea salt is the perfect exfoliant for the hands as it is the most abrasive of all the scrubs that are out there.  The tiny salt crystals are formed into little tiny cubes when they dry and this makes for a very good cleaning.  As you exfoliate the hands the salt will help to soften the skin.  The skin receiving the scrub will receive all the nutrients that are found in the salt too.  Although there are many different kinds of sea salt from many areas of the world almost any one will benefit your body over all.

To make a scented sea salt scrub for the purpose of rejuvenating tired hands place 10-15 drops of your favorite oil over about 16 ounces of your favorite sea salt.  Chose a sea salt that is fine to medium grind.  The finer the rind the less intense the scrub will be.  Mix in the essential oil with the sea salts and place in a clean glass jar with a resalable lid.  If you truly want to chose something rejuvenating select an oil that is known for these properties such as peppermint or a citrus oil like lemon or orange.  Now the only step left is to use the sea salt scrub as you wish.  It is recommended to do so once a week for 5 – 10 minutes.  This will give you the best possible results for your dry and tired hands.

If sea salt hand scrubs appeal to you, but mixing up your own stuff doesn’t there are still options for you.  Use basic salt, about a tablespoon, mixed in with your soap as you are washing your hands.  Alternatively you can purchase many scrubs.  A few examples are Bodicure salt scrub, or Seaora salt scrub.  There are many out there to suit the purpose you would like to use them for.  It is nice to have a sea salt scrub option, as sea salt is natural and there are no negative effects on your body with it’s use.

Now that you have a few little tips and tricks for fixing up those tired and dry hands you can share the idea with friends and family.  It is so enjoyable and so easy to do.  Sea salt hand scrub also gives us a little excuse to take a few minutes for ourselves each day.  What a nice treat in our busy and chaotic world.

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