Heat The Room With A Fireplace Blower

DIY Fireplace Blower

What is a fireplace blower? A fireplace blower is a fan or series of fans that pushes the warm air from your fireplace out into the room. Most electric fireplaces that come with heaters have a fan that will push the warm air into the room. Also new natural gas fireplaces usually have blowers which are a long fan or a round fan or series of fan that sits under the fire and pushes the warm air into the room.

Some blowers pull cool air from the room and push it behind the fire, where it is warmed, and then it is blown into the room from the top of the fireplace. It is possible to find after market blowers and replacement blowers that you can install if your fireplace is not equipped with one. If you have an electric fireplace with the heater built in it should have a blower too.

If you are installing your own blower you will need a way to mount the blower and the brackets. You will also need an area for the air to flow and a power source. Many gas fireplaces have a built in electrical power supply so this makes hooking up your blower easy. Otherwise, you may have to hire an electrician to do the wiring.

There are also portable blower heat exchanger systems. These are usually some type of radiator design so that air can be sucked into a box or tube at one end of the radiator. Then the pipe or radiator runs through the fireplace where the air is warmed before it is expelled at the other end.

Another type of blower you can use is a heated grate. There are mechanical heated grates with built in blowers and there are the pipe kind. The pipe grates are actually rather ingenious. The pipe is open at one end which sucks in cool air. The air circulates through the hollow grate pipe system then it is blown out into the room from an open end on the other side. This actually warms and blows the cool air without the use of mechanical parts.

There are many types and sizes of blowers. Factors that will influence your choice of blower are the size of your fireplace, whether it is wood burning or gas, and your budget. With some smart shopping and planning the right blower can save you money on your heating budget.

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