Natural Remedies On Removing Mold Stains On Clothes

Your clothes are examples of organic materials where mold can thrive and grow along with woods, leather and paper. They are very susceptible to mold growth especially if they are wet and damp. Mold stains should be removed immediately because first, they create an unsightly mark on your clothes. They can make the fabric look old and neglected. You don’t want to make your newly bought shirt a rag if mold stains started to grow on it. In addition to that, they leave a nasty smell on fabric. This often occurs when laundry items are left on the washer even after it had been washed. The musty smell is simply unpleasant and makes clothes embarrassing to wear.

If you already detected some mold stains on your clothes, you have to clean it right away with the help of natural remedies found in your kitchen. One is with the help of white vinegar, a natural product that you can use to remove the odor. The acidity in the vinegar is a great deodorizing ingredient since it attacks the molecules that create this odor. Another is baking soda which neutralizes acidic molecules. Just add a spoonful of baking soda to each laundry load and it will remove the smell. Hydrogen peroxide is another solution that you can use. However, you need to use this in a small amount because it can cause damage to your clothes. It has very strong oxidizing properties making it a good bleaching product.

In removing mold stains from your clothes using these natural remedies, just brush off the stain slowly to avoid damaging the fabric. Make sure that you completely brush it off and let it dry under the heat of the sun if possible to kill off molds. Also bear in mind to use protective items while cleaning molds to avoid inhaling them.

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