Take Your Drinks Anywhere With a Coleman Thermos

Coleman Thermos

Nothing keeps a beverage ready to drink like a Coleman Thermos. It is great to use at the office, at school, or when going on a trip. Its capability to maintain drinks at a certain temperature is certainly a great feature.

With the different varieties of thermal travel mugs sold by Coleman anybody can find a great thermos to suit their needs. They are designed to last for life and as such are crafted to be quite durable. A big two quart steel thermos is nice for longer trips when you want your coffee or cocoa to be warm later. If you work in construction or any other job that makes you work hard you might want an extra large two liter version so you will not run out of something to drink.

You could also consider the Stanley Classic which has full day hot and cold capabilities and handles to resist heat on your hands. It is safe to use even when pouring very hot liquids. Get a smaller thermos that is not as big but is wider so it is more ideal for carrying hot soup.

People have been upbeat about the Jeomo 16oz travel mug. It has a filter you can use on the go to make tea or coffee. This product is a great no spill travel coffee mug and it can keep a temperature constant for up to six hours. It has a unique and sleek design and is made in the USA.

Drive Time is one of their most popular mugs. It is virtually impossible to spill once the lid is shut. It has a capacity of 18oz, perfect for everyday use.

Consumers who want to see a Coleman thermos have to only do a quick search online. Carry broth, soup, chili, coffee or tea, the possibilities are endless. The majority can be had for less than $20 and will serve you well no matter your beverage needs for a long time.

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