The Simple To Make Spoon Rings

How to Make Spoon Rings

If you want to look good but in an affordable sense and absolutely love jewelry, spoon rings are the ideal thing for you. They also make the ideal perfect gift at great prices. In addition to being able to purchase them at relatively low prices, the stainless steel rings can also be made by almost anyone. The more expensive sterling silver ones can cost a lot more money but still within reach of the average wage. Expect to pay between $2 to $15 for the stainless steel spoon rings and notice how many thousands upon thousands of unique designs there are. There was a massive craze for them throughout the 1970’s when many people had them on their fingers.

The original name for the rings came from the idea that a few centuries ago, servants who worked for the more wealthy lords used to steel silver spoons and turn them into jewelry because they couldn’t afford to buy their own silver rings. They made beautiful designs with the tools they had and can still cost a lot more money than their modern counterparts. They are a world away from other rings as they come in so many different shapes and have different colored gemstones and other brightly colored minerals attached to them. The designs could be in the shape of an animal or insect, a reptile, a particular type of flower. Anything you can imagine can be carved into something wearable that can be wrapped around your finger.

They are generally for people who prefer the more vintage style of jewelry similar to the traditional style of a marcasite ring, which are placed in the vintage or antique category and are not for everyone. They have a unique style about them but can be found in many stores and especially places such as flee markets or second hand stores. Of course the brand new ones can be bought from various jewelry stores and from a large number of websites all at reasonable prices.

How to Make a Spoon Ring

Spoon rings are making a big comeback so expect to see them on people’s fingers as you are out and about and take note of the many different designs that there are. It’s even possible to learn how to make spoon rings if you are so inclined. There are instructions available and it’s something worth learning how to do.

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