Tips For Building An Outdoor Wooden Wheelchair Ramp

The outdoor wheelchair ramps can be very expensive to buy and install. However you can opt to build a simple wooden type that makes it easy for you to move to raised places without the help of a third person. The wheelchair ramps can help when using strollers or anything with wheels that may be very heavy to carry around. There are regulations that may be required to be adhered to when deciding to build your own wheelchair ramp. Make sure you know them and they are followed.

The first step is planning. You should include in your plan the choice of location for the ramp, whether it is going to be attached to the deck or the porch. Then you should measure the height of the deck so it will match the ramp. Get information about the local laws for ramps and get necessary permission from the building inspection department. You can draw the outline of the ramp after you get the go ahead from the appropriate authorities. If you have problems with the design you can use the assistance of utility company. Make sure you have enough space for the length of the ramp. It should not be so steep since it can increase the speed and lead to falls.

Lay out the landing to the house to allow for proper turning. You can use boards and mason lines to make the provisions for landing. Then lay the outside edges from top to the level, remove the sod, excavate the soil to the right depth, use masking tapes to lay other posts, and then dig holes for the posts. Cut fiber tube forms, nail the wood on the opposite side of the forms, add posts to the holes and brace them to place. Prepare concrete and fill the forms then let the concrete dry before you remove the forms, lay the landscape and cover with gravel, fix the cross beams, and finally install landing.

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