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We welcome articles from guest writers that provide great content. We don’t accept all articles. Below are some article guidelines. Please make sure your article meets and exceeds these guidelines before submitting your article to us:

Article Requirements / Guidelines:

  • Original content only and it should not published anywhere else. It must pass Copyscape.
  • Correct spelling and grammar.
  • American English.
  • Be at least 500 words. Articles of 600+ words are appreciated.
  • Your keyword can only appear once every 100 words.
  • You get 1-2 links per article.
  • Use numbered or bulleted lists when you can.
  • Do not specify a font or paragraph alignment (for example, do not fully justify paragraphs).
  • Bold and italics can be used in moderation. Do not have any underlined words. The less formatting, the better.
  • The article must provide useful information that solves a problem or answers a question.

Once you’re confident that your article is insightful and something that people would read and want to share with others, you can submit your article to